2008-4-10, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

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2 Responses to “2008-4-10, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia”

  1. Kristalita Says:

    I liked the latest installment of The Misadventures of Adam Skory. Sounds like you do need to make a fact sheet ASAP, to be published in several different languages. You could sell them to all those curious people wondering who the pasty guy wearing flip flops is, and then charge extra if their questions go beyond the scope of those printed on the fact sheet.

  2. hohhotter Says:

    Hi, I like your post. Were you a little bit bored walking around at the railway station? hehe, People asked tiredoldqusetions. I am a Hohhot native studying in Malaysia. Chinese is mad about English. you might be tired about the questions, it is also the opportunities to make money for your guys though isn’t it? hehe

    welcome to my blog http://hohhotter.blogspot.com/

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