Cuandixia, Beijing Municipality, China

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  1. Bao Says:

    Hey I just read your blog entry while trying to do some research on cuandixia. I am also currently studying in Beijing for the summer and this weekend I was planning on traveling to cuandixia with a couple of my pals from my study abroad program and just wanted to know what people who have been to cuandixia think about the village. I was planning to go there on Thursday and stay until Sunday. Since you’ve been there for a while, can you tell me some of the things that people can do there. I heard there is a hidden cave somewhere beyond the mountains, an area called yixiantian where movies have been filmed, and something about a huocun nature walk? These are the random stuff I have picked off the web. If you have time, please write back to me. Thanks a lot.

  2. A. Skory Says:

    Hey, sorry, I don’t really know the specifics about hidden caves or nature walks. All the hiking I did was completely on my own and exploratory. Around the edges of town you can find the beginning of lots of stone-paved trails, these have pointers to interesting things to see (but many are only written in Chinese). If you follow these trails you’ll see lots of little foot paths leading off into the mountains. Some of these disappear into the bushes, but some lead up to some cool peaks. There are lots of little caves all around, but none really big enough to be noteworthy. If you do lots of hiking I really need to stress that there are some really, really big cliffs up there. The family I was staying with of course recounted stories of hikers falling off and dying. If you’re in shape and an experienced hiker you’ll be fine so long as you’re careful.

    I have to say, unless you want to hike everyday, there’s no more than half a day’s worth of things to see in the village itself. If you’re looking for a relaxing couple days lounging in an old Ming courtyard and hiking around you’ll be fine, but don’t expect more than that!

    Not sure what else I can advise…

    I can highly recommend the place that I stayed (as you might tell from my blog post!).

    It’s called Houdefu Old Residence, 厚德福老宅 (Hòudéfúlǎozhái).
    You can call 韩革利 (Han Geli) at 010-69819451 or (mobile) 13716335818. But, only the daughter speaks any English and I’m not sure it would be enough to make for the most helpful phone conversation…

    Good luck!


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