Monkey Brains

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4 Responses to “Monkey Brains”

  1. Stephen Says:

    In other news, I’m going to North Korea in June.

    I like how you slipped that in at the end. Are you kidding?

  2. tt Says:

    hello little bro. stay away from non-autoclaved animal CNS parts. the Crazies at UCD say hi!

  3. krista Says:

    oh em gee. wouldn’t be the first time you at monkey brains. or eels. or river frogs, for that matter. did you buy the proper brain spoon with which to eat them?

  4. MT Says:

    Considering some of the strange marine life we saw for sale and subsequent eating at the fisherman’s market in Sokcho, not to forget the hot freshly boiled silkworm larvae roadside stands, I can see how the kids would believe your monkey-brain story.

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