Sunday, August 12, 2009, Lake Isabella, CA

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  1. Stephen Says:

    Don’t forget to fix the Skorea Weather box when you get there!

  2. TT Says:

    “hot” is when you enter the parents-in-laws house in TX in the summer, think it’s incredibly cool and refreshing compared to outside, and then see that the thermostat is at 85. that’s hot, and i lived in sacramento for 2 years!!!

  3. Park Mi Ork Says:

    Hello! Aadam teacher.
    I was very sorry to read your left arm’s hurt.
    I worried about your arm is better than before.
    But you are still young and lucky guy, so everythings gonna be all right. I’ll hope so.
    Take care yourself! Always be healthy.

    chiak Middle School. Wonju. Korea

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