2009-2-13, Heathrow International Airport, United Kingdom

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3 Responses to “2009-2-13, Heathrow International Airport, United Kingdom”

  1. Stephen Says:

    We ‘mericans are doing the same thing right now, too. Or at least thinking about it. Nationalism usually is perverted into protectionism.

  2. askory Says:

    We ‘mericans have been at it quite badly since late 2001. My story is nothing compared to what some of my Chinese friends had to go through to apply for American visas, only to get rejected because the dude at the consulate had his quotas to follow. The whole business is dehumanizing and rotten and the US has been worse than Europe for a while now.

  3. tt Says:

    we will take you out for a burrito when you get back to CA!!!

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